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To thine own self be true...

Finley’s Poem, Winner, Key Stage One Schools

WINNER of the Key Stage One school entry


Who created it?

Finley, age 6



“I am Finley and I am six years-old. I like pretending to be a spy with my cousin and also I like to play football and see my friends at school. I also like reading Harry Potter with my Mum and Dad and I like to play Sonic the Hedgehog with my Grandma.” 


My creative response

Believe in yourself

Listen to your heart,

Listen to your tummy.

Listen to your head,

But try not to worry.

I am kind,

And sometimes angry,

But that’s being human,

So try not to worry.

We are all different,

Tall or young,

Don’t be afraid,

For so far you have come.



About my creative response

 “Well I just thought about how sometimes I feel angry and how it's better to not feel angry but also that it's okay to feel that way too. When someone is angry or sad we can help them by telling them that they will feel better soon.”


When have you been ‘true to yourself’?

 “Well I am supposed to hand in my Gem and Rocks book but I left it in the rain so I have to be brave today and tell my teacher that it's ruined but we have bought a new one to replace it. Oh and also, sometimes I get annoyed at my brother and sister but I have to try to remember they are just younger and my brother is only two. We have a family motto, 'It's cool to be kind' so I try and remember that but sometimes I am just annoyed at them anyway. But that’s okay.” 


What is your favourite Shakespeare play?

 “I don't really know many Shakespeare plays yet but mummy showed me a film called Romeo and Juliet and I liked Romeo because he has lots of friends and loves his family.”