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To thine own self be true...

Lucienne’s Collage Doll, Second Runner up (joint), Key Stage One Schools

Second runner up (joint) in the Key Stage One school entry


Who created it?

Lucienne, age 5



“My name is Lucienne. I am a girl of five-years-old. My hobbies are riding my bike and reading. I also enjoy going out to explore in the park or play with my friends. My favourite thing is playing with both my dolls and ponies. I love watching TV and dancing."


My creative response

Lucienne’s Collage Doll

About my creative response

What is it made of? “Card, feathers, glue, stickers as the eyes.”

What does it represent? “I think me, because I am a kind and cheerful person.”


When have you been ‘true to yourself’?

“I have always tried being true to myself. I do things at the time I am happy to do them and do not allow anyone to force me to do things that I really don’t want to do or wish to do it later. For instance, I do my homework when I am ready and happy to do so. I don’t allow even mummy to talk me into doing it when I am not ready. I also wear the dresses I really want to wear any time I am going out.”

“I am true to myself when I see Grandma and I hug.”  


Who is your favourite Shakespeare character?

“My favourite Shakespeare character is Juliet because she is a beautiful girl.”