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To thine own self be true...

Naisha’s Artwork, Second Runner up, Individual (4-7 years)

Second runner up of the individual entry 4-7 years


Who created it?

Naisha, age 5



Hi, I am Naisha. I am five years-old. I feel very happy when people say good things to me like 'Well done Naisha! Good girl Naisha!' I hope you like my drawings.”


My creative response

Naisha’s Artwork


About my creative response

 “I like to draw so through my drawings I want to tell about what I like to do and what helps me to be true to myself. I love my family. During Covid I have spent a lot of time playing with my sister and my mum in our garden. I like to scoot sometimes but I worked hard on learning how to bike without stabilisers and now I am very good at riding my bike. I like Unicorns and I like to bake with my sister.”


When have you been ‘true to yourself’?

“I love animals and pets and I will become a vet when I grow up."