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To thine own self be true...

Lauren’s Video and Poem, Highly Commended, Individual (8-11 years)

Highly Commended in the individual entry 8-11 years


Who created it?

Lauren, age 8



“My name is Lauren and I’m eight years of age. I have a brother who is four years-old and he is called Thomas, we are ‘partners in crime’! 

“My parents both work hard and long hours. So, the time we have is always special and on Saturday nights we play Monopoly as a family. My parents have taught us that it’s important to love, respect, tell the truth and don’t’ judge others but open your mind. The world is full of wonders and magic. Close your eyes and dream big dreams! You can become the person you want to be. 

“I read a book that stuck in my mind and it was called The Boy at the Back of the Class. It made me think a lot about how easy it is to judge and hurt others because they may not look or behave like you. 

“At school, we study PSHE and in these classes, we learn a lot about being true to oneself, racism, diversity and well-being. 

“My poem captures my thoughts and the hope that I want others to feel about ‘Truth’, especially in these really strange and uncertain times.”


My creative response

Lauren’s video and poem

Get to know truth by Lauren

Good day, my name is truth,

It’s nice to meet thee,

I’m the emotion that sits inside your heart,

Weighing up right and wrong,

I see everything, from all heights,

High to low, friend and foe,

Truth can make you happy,

Truth can make you sad,

Truth can be daunting,

Truth can be profound,

Truth can help you believe in yourself,

Truth is in us all,

Come what may,

Come to believe in yourself.


About my creative response

“I’ve been studying Hamlet at school and my teacher Mr Gilbert, is really focused on what the words mean – ‘To thine own self be true…’ says Polonius. We spent a lot of time discussing the words and their meaning. Mr Gilbert asked us to re-write the Hamlet play and use Shakespearian words, so we really understood the content. It was hard but a good exercise. 

“In our PSHE we also spoke about being true to ourselves and well-being. 

“This all made me think about the people that I visited during lockdown. I could feel and hear their sadness and loneliness; truth can be sad; truth can be daunting and now they need to gain their self-esteem and focus on moving on. It’s hard for them and Covid has left us all scared. I will never forget the people that I met during that time.

“My poem is dedicated to these people and to Mr Gilbert for encouraging me to feel Shakespeare’s words in our English class.”


When have you been ‘true to yourself’?

“At school, I had to make a difficult decision to keep quiet or confront someone that was bullying my friend.  I was scared and afraid, but I confronted this person, and I also told the teacher. Sometimes you must believe in yourself and support your friends. My friend was pleased because she didn’t feel alone and she felt supported. Feeling sad and lonely can be heartbreaking.  

“The teacher took notice and in our PSHE we spoke about bullying.”


What is your favourite Shakespeare play, character or quote?

Hamlet is my favourite Shakespeare play. I like Hamlet because he is thoughtful and emotional. He wants to protect his mother and reveal the truth.

“There is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so”.  I like this quote because it’s about trying.”