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To thine own self be true...

Nicolas’ Rap, Highly Commended, Key Stage Two Schools

Highly Commended in the Key Stage Two school entry


Who created it?

Nicolas, age 10



“My name is Nicolas and I am ten years-old. I was born and live in London with my parents, my little sister Sofia, and our puppy Luna. My mum is from Spain, and I am growing up bilingual.

“I love doing sports - my favourite ones are football (I am an Arsenal fan!) and karate, which I have been doing since I was five years-old. I love running and athletics too, my Mum always says that I learnt to run before I could walk! My happy place is on my bike, exploring the forest with my friends.

“I am a music lover too, I play viola and drums - I would love to create a band with my friends and travel around the world. I really enjoy reading books; interesting stories with funny characters that can teach me something about the world. I like art, especially drawing and building things with Lego.”


My creative response

Nicolas’ Rap


About my creative response

“I tried to mix two things that I really enjoy - music and rhymes, and I thought that a rap would be the perfect combination. I like rap because it is a bit cheeky, it has a funky beat and it is fun to come up with words that rhyme together and express my thoughts.”


When have you been ‘true to yourself’?

“I sometimes feel scared of doing activities on my own, without my best friends beside me, but I try to not give up and carry on despite my fears. My best friend gave up karate during lockdown, we had been doing it together since we were five years-old, and we supported and helped each other to progress. It made me unsure and scared of continuing on my own, but I finally got the courage to carry on and I am proud of myself for it.”


What is your favourite Shakespeare quote?

"My favourite quote is: ‘Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none’ from All’s Well That Ends Well. I like this quote, because my parents have always taught me that kindness is the only way to change the world. They always say that I should be kind to everyone, as we are all fighting our own battles."