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Write till your ink be dry

Marcia Williams' adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream



Who created it?

Marcia Williams


Most importantly - I am a Patron of Shakespeare Week! I am also an author and illustrator with a variety of books to my name: novels, diaries, comic strip retellings and histories. I also have created several retellings of Shakespeare's plays including Mr William Shakespeare's Plays and Bravo, Mr William Shakespeare

My creative response

I wanted to write a book about one of Shakespeare’s plays with two stories and A Midsummer Night's Dream fitted perfectly. I love the fact that both stories are taking place in this magical wood, but neither party knows about the other - only the fairies know what’s going on! You can find out more about how I made the book in the video below.


What do you love about books?
Oh my goodness, that’s like asking what do I like about breathing! I have lived with books all my life - my mother was a passionate reader and writer and so I just absorbed that passion without really knowing how or why. There are just endless possibilities with books, you never know what you may encounter!
What do you especially like about making a book yourself?
I love making books, because every book leads you down a new path. No two books are ever the same. Apart from working with other wonderfully creative people, working with stories is a joy. You never know what to expect, most stories are extremely bossy and want to be told in a particular way. I love searching for the thread that will take me in the right direction.
Which is your favourite Shakespeare play and why?
My favourite Shakespeare play changes with my mood. I really love King Lear, because it is such a wonderful depiction of family dynamics and human frailty, but it is very sad. I love A Midsummer Night's Dream, I think because I am just so familiar with it. I could go on, as they are all amazing!

Watch this

Marcia Williams talks about the creation of her beautiful home-made book and shows us lots of details from her book in this video.