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Edstone in Wootton Wawen deeds: Archer of Tanworth


Gift with warranty by Robert called Iwayn of Edriston [Edstone] to John atteforde, for a certain sum of money which John had given Robert in advance, of one half acre of land in the fields of Edriston [Edstone], which lies on the cultivated land called Alnodeshull, between the lands which William called le Sweyn and the aforesaid John held, and which extends from the headland which Robert atteford held on Alnodeshull to the Netherwen [Netherwey?]. To hold of chief lord of that fee for the due service and by the usual law. Witnesses: Walter le Botiler, John Spermon, Osbert [?] of Haleford, Gregory his brother, John of Alemaine. Given: at Edriston on the feast day of St Valentine, 10 Edward II [14 February 1317]. Seal: missing; tag surviving Latin