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Edstone in Wootton Wawen deeds: Archer of Tanworth


Gift with warranty by Philip of Aylesbury, lord of Edriston [Edstone], to John atte Forde of Edriston [Edstone] the elder and Juliane his wife, of all the lands which reverted to Philip on the death of Joan, the wife of Gregory of Halford, who had held them all her life after they had been handed over to her by Roger of Aylesbury, knight, father of Philip: namely all those lands in Edriston which are called Meduecroft, all those lands in the same vill which are called Wodecroft, and half an acre of land in the same vill which lies on Bircheshurst, half an acre of land in the same vill, which lies on Stanhull, and one baulk [strip] of land which lies in le Redemarleput in the same vill. To hold of chief lord of that fee for the due services which are by right accustomed, and for annual rent payable to Philip and his heirs of 9[?]d. at the feast day of the Annunciation of the Blessed Mary and 9[?]d. at the feast day of St Michael the Archangel. Witnesses: John Wyduesone, John of Tyscote, John le Sweyn, William le Smyth, John Eddon junior, John Cook. Given: at Edriston [Edstone] on the Monday after the feast day of St John before the Latin Gate, 34 Edward III [11 May 1360]. Latin