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Scrapbooks albums: Flower Family, Stratford-upon-Avon


Scrapbook and album compiled by Florence Keane, (wife of Sir Archie Flower) contains items relating to the family, Ireland and France, Flower's Brewery, press cuttings, photographs, letters, museum catalogue and other miscellanea:

p. 1 - Photograph of Florence Keane/Flower
p. 2 - Engraving of new brewery from 'Illustrated Midland News', 22 January 1870
p. 3 - Cutting with photograph of monument to Lt.[Richard Fordham] Flower in South Africa
p. 4 - Cutting from 'The Field' about a polo tournament at Rugby - Advert for sale at Tattersall's of Archie Flower's polo ponies, 1907
p. 5 - cutting concerning the marriage of Sir John Keane and Eleanor Hicks-Beach - invitation to wedding of Marjorie Dent Brocklehurst and Michael Hicks Beach - programme for The Warwick Pageant, July 1906

p.7 - Photographs of Violet McKenna and her fiancé Commander G. M. Keane - loose photograph of a small girl - cutting from 'Warwick Advertiser', 1909 about the Warwickshire Hunt Annual Meeting
p. 8 - page of letter signed 'George' - Programme for soiree at Memorial Lecture Room, 25 November 1910
p. 9 - pencil letters from Fordham Flower as a child, photographs of children at The Hill
p. 10 - Miscellaneous cuttings and programmes
p. 11 - Cutting from 'The World of Dress Woman's Journal', November 1908 about Marie Corelli at Stratford - Programme for concert in aid of the funds of Shottery 'Wolves', 15 February 1912 - Description of catalogue of museum at Poole's Cavern, Buxton
p. 12 - Programme for 'Oedipus Rex' at Royal Opera House, Covent Garden [n.d.]
p. 13 - Synopsis of the wordless play 'The Miracle'; programme for the Oberammergau Passion Play, 1910; guide to Kenilworth Castle
p. 14 - Invitation to a soiree at 35 Lowndes Square, given by Mrs Alfred Mond - Programme for entertainment at Tiddington Schools on behalf of Birmingham Aid Scheme, 6 December 1909
p. 15 - Blank enrolment certificate for BP Guides; photographs of The Hill, family at Le Touquet and polo matches
p. 16 - photographs of unidentified house and family members, c. 1870s [1 is by Chancellor, Dublin, so they may all be members of the Keane family]
p. 17 - three loose photographs : 1 of unidentified stream, 2 taken in Dublin and endorsed respectively 'Florence Vance' and 'Mrs Vance'
p. 18 - commercial photographs of Warwick Castle and Charlecote
p. 19 - photographs of announcements in The Times of the births of Fordham (15 February 1904), John Keane (4 May 1906) and Evadne (15 August 1911) children of Archie and Florence Flower; The Hill; Florence Flower with son John, 1910
p. 20 - Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings
p. 21 - Photographs of Florence Flower; family groups at Knocklofty; Italian holiday snaps
pp. 22-25 - Photographs of family groups, horses and dogs taken at Papillon, Compton Verney, the kennels, Broadway, Dublin, Lismore, Cappoquin
pp. 26-27 - Photographs of continental cities, together with letters, 1893 -1896 concerning Florence Keane's travel and education abroad
p. 28 - miscellaneous cuttings
p. 29 - commercial photographs of Kenilworth Castle and Lord Leicester's Hospital
p. 30 - photograph of hunt outside Lygon Arms, Broadway; commercial photograph of Compton Wynyates
p. 31 - commercial photograph of Guys Cliffe, Warwick; group photograph taken at Henley, including Florence and Archie Flower.
p. 32 - photograph of unidentified artillery battery [? in South Africa] - programme for polo tournament at Rugby, 1905 - 2 unidentified photographs
p. 33 - photographs of Archie and Florence Flower with their children - 2 interior views of unidentified house - cabinet photograph of Edgar Flower
p. 34 - programme for 'Samson Agonistes' the the Theatre, Burlington Gardens, 15 December 1908, as part of Milton Tercentenary
p. 35 - Programme for 'King Henry VIII' at His Majesty's Theatre n.d.; advert for 'The Comedy of Errors' in the grounds of 'The Firs' on behalf of widows and orphans of gas explosion (1912)

loose between 34 35 - Printed abstract of address by Surgeon-General Sir Alfred Keogh, to the council of the British Red Cross, 25 October 1909; letter from R[ichard] H[enry] Keane to Florence Flower on family matters, 1 April [1907]

p. 36 - photograph of portrait of Coquelin Aine - Christmas card from Cecil Sharp, printed with words and music of 'A Warwickshire Carol'
p. 37 - programme for 'Everyman', at Memorial Lecture Room, Stratford-upon-Avon, 18-20 March 1912 - Printed article, with engraving, on Crosby Hall - Poem 'Light in Dark' signed 'Faithfully yours Josephine Preston Peabody'
p. 38 - Review of R. Ellis Roberts biography of Ibsen