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Edstone in Wootton Wawen deeds: Archer of Tanworth


Grant by William Somervile Esquire of Edreston [Edstone] in the county of Warr' [Warwick] to his uncle Edward Somervile, gent, of the borough of Warwick in the county of Warwick, and his children, at the request of several of William's relatives and acquaintances, of a sum of money [amount left blank] over and above the money left to him by Sir William Somervile of Edstone, Knight, deceased, grandfather of William. This sum paid to Edward in order to stop any future claim or trouble, such as those to which Edward has lately been put, on or to William's manor of Edstone; and also in satisfaction of the consideration of an annuity of £20 to be granted to Edward by William from his manor of Edstone, as set out in an indenture of bargain and sale between Edward and William, dated 20 January 1662. Sum to be paid within three months of the date that Edward Somervile, son of Edward Somervile, attains the age of 21: Edward Somervile father and Edward Somervile son to perform every reasonable assurance in the law in order to convey the aforesaid premises to William. If William fails to pay this sum within a month of the two Edwards being ready to receive it, and within three months of Edward the son attaining the age of 21, then Edward Somervile, executors and assigns may enter the premises and distrain for the said sum. The two Edwards to perform assurances upon reasonable request within three months of Edward the son attaining the age of 21, according to an agreement in the said indenture, or this grant will be void. Given: [blank] day of [blank] 14 Charles II [1662]. Seal: red wax on tag, 1.75 in., obscured. English