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Edstone in Wootton Wawen deeds: Archer of Tanworth


Agreement between John Somervyle Esquire of Eddreston [Edstone] in the county of Warr' [Warwick] on one part, and Humfrey Meysie and Walter Blount Esquires on the other part, that John shall marry Anne Evance, widow of Thomas Evance Esquire and daughter of Humfrey Meysie, before the next feast of Pentecost, if both John and Anne will consent. For this marriage to be solemnised in this way, John Somervyle also agrees that he will grant to Humfrey and Walter and their heirs in fee simple, before the next feast of St John the Baptist, his manor of Aston Somervyle in the county of Glouc' [Gloucester], with all lands, tenements, meadows, leasows and pastures, rents, reversions and services, and all other profits and commodities, and all appurtenances whatsoever, as shall be devised by the learned counsel of Humfrey and Walter and their heirs, to the only use of John and Anne and their lawful male heirs, and to the only use of the lawful heirs of John forever. To which John stands bound for a thousand pounds by an obligation of statute merchant of the same date as this agreement, as witnessed by Robert Ledington and John Wallesgrove, bailiffs of the city of Worcetter [Worcester], and William Lyttylton, clerk for recognizances taken there. Given: 17 March, 31 Henry VIII [17 March 1540]. Seal: red wax on tag, 1 in., device unclear. English