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Edstone in Wootton Wawen deeds: Archer of Tanworth


Gift with warranty by Philip of Aylesbury, lord of Edryston [Edstone] to John atte Ford of Edryston and Henry his son of a piece of land in the district of Edryston [Edstone] called Le Lordes which is in [?] Fermesfeld and which lies between the road leading from Edryston towards Stretford, and another road leading from Edryston towards Snytenfeld, and which extends from the land of Roger Vehener to le Holwewey, in exchange for six selions [strips] of land lying on le Wyndmulnehull, as long as the six selions are fully granted to Philip of Aylesbury as set out in John atte Ford's charter. To hold of chief lords of that fee, that is to say of Philip and his heirs, for the due and usual services. Witnesses: John Vehener, John Sweyn, John Jones, John Jones, William Hychecokes. Given: at Edryston [Edstone] on the Monday of the feast of St Valentine, 42 Edward III [?13 February 1368]. Seal: missing; tag surviving. Latin