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Edstone in Wootton Wawen deeds: Archer of Tanworth


Gift with warranty by William Barker, master of the fraternity of Holy Trinity, St John the Evangelist and St John the Baptist of Henley in Ardenia [Henley in Arden], Geoffrey Ive, Simon Felton, Thomas Pulton, William Hychecoques, John Trentham, John Lychfeyld and William Pakwode to John Page of Edeston [Edstone], Olive his wife and William and John their sons, of: i) one messuage in the vill of Edeston which was formerly held by John Eddon of Edeston, and which lies between the tenement of Holy Trinity and that of William Downe ii) three acres of land, four butts and six baulks of arable land, of which one acre lies on Swynestygrene between the land of Holy Trinity and that of Thomas Olive, one acre lies on Combehull, half an acre lies on Smythespece between the land of Bordesleye Abbey and that of Robert Taylor, four butts lie at Holewaygrene, half an acre lies on Waitighulle between the tenement of Bordesley Abbey and the land called Kirkebyeslond, and five baulks lie on Wyllewhyteshulle and one baulk lies on Pooforlong. To hold of chief lords of that fee for the entire lives of each of them, and for the life of whichever of them lives the longest, for the due services which are by right accustomed, and for annual rent of 5s. payable to the master and brothers of the fraternity in equal two equal portions on the feast day of St Michael and on Lady Day. John, Olive, William and John to maintain the messuage against damage, for the term of their lives and at their own expense, and to maintain it in as good a state as, or in a better state than, that in which they receive it, and to pay one heriot after the death of any one of them. If they are in arrears on part or all of their rent by one month, the master and brothers may after that time enter the messuage and distrain the tenants for the rent and arrears until they are satisfied by payment. And if they do not pay the outstanding sum with any sufficient goods taken in distraint, the master and brothers may re-enter the messuage and retain it without any opposition whatsoever. Witnesses: John Ive, Richard Cokkes, Thomas Schyngey, Richard Smyth, Thomas Barbor[?]. Given: at Henleye [Henley in Arden] on the Sunday after the feast of St Martin the Bishop, 13 Henry IV [15 November 1411]. Seal: slit for tag, but tag and seal not surviving. Latin