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Burton Dassett: early deeds, Knightcote, a quitclaim


Quitclaim by Isabella, widow of William of Knightcote, 'in pura viduitate mea' to John Knightcote, rector of the church of Little Saxa ('parva saxam'), of all her rights in lands, premises, rents, services in the town of Knightcote and elsewhere.

John B/Veel of Dasset,
Jordan Say of Farnborough,
Richard Vyle of Brookhampton,
Ralph Chapman of Dasset,
Ralph called Dicun of the same,
William Goremund of Knightcote,
William Ernald of the same,
John Noreys of Dasset,
Richard Bele of Dasset,
John Taylour of Northend,
Walter Fynemere.

Dated at Knightcote, Saturday before St Hilary, 4 Edward II