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Churchwardens' presentments: Stratford-upon-Avon


Collection of presentments and other documents of churchwardens of Stratford-upon-Avon and of the Chapelries of Bishopton and Luddington; 20 April 1581 - 30 June 1628, with some (ff. 61-77) undated. A calendar, under the title A Descriptive Account of a series of Churchwardens' Presentments, etc. was edited by Clarence Hopper (10 copies only), London, 1867 (am. 4tc.) Among the entries are: Among the signatures appended are those of: Richard Holder, Minister at Bishopton, 1619-1624 (ff.6,18,30,69,70) Anthony Smithe, 1618 (ff. 7, 67) George Quiney, clerk, 1621-22 (ff. 20,32,35,42,44,79) Francis Smith, curate and minister of Luddington, 1621-24 (ff.23,47) William Courte, junior, 1621-22 (ff. 24,35) Nathaniel Duppa, 1622 (ff. 35,38-43) John Hathwaye, 1622, 1624 (ff. 40,43,44,45,48) Francis Ainge, 1622 (ff. 59,63) Simon Trappe, curate of Stratford, 1625-27 (ff. 52,60,72,73,77) John Trappe, No Date (f.71) Thomas Wilson, vicar, No Date (f.74)