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Burton Dassett: early deeds, Knightcote and Northend, a grant


Grant by William Hereward of Marston Jabett, chaplain, to Thomas Verney of Nuneaton ('Nonne Eton') of 10 acres of arable land, a parcel of meadow and common of pasture for 1 beast in the common fields of Knightcote and Northend in Burton Dasset, which he holds by feoffment from Thomas Wyleby, formerly vicar of Burton Dasset.

To hold the same of the chief lord of the fee for services due and accustomed.

Warranty clause. Witnesses:
John of Knightcote,
William Magod,
John Neel,
Nigel Richard,
Henry Baillyf,
Roger Cissely,
John Colet, clerk.

Dated at Nuneaton, Sunday the Feast of St Nicholas 12 Edward III