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Burton Dassett: early deeds, Merton, a grant


Grant by Henry Denesson of Merton to John Brayn of the same and Matilda his wife, of one acre of arable land, with appurtenances, in the fields of Merton, of which one half acre lies on the furlong called Portweyfurlong, between the land of William Arderne and Henry Walshe; and the other half acre lies in the same furlong, beside the land of William Arderne.

To hold the same from grantor and his heirs, paying annually for sixteen years ensuing, one peppercorn at the Nativity of St John the Baptist in lieu if all services due and accustomed and after said term of sixteen years, to pay ten shillings annually, at two usual terms viz: Easter and Michaelmas.

William Graunt,
Henry Warde,
William Wake,
Nicholas Wa----,
Henry Walshe.

Dated at Merton, Sunday after St Gregory the pope, 22 Edward III 16 March or 1 June 1348

There are two possible dates for St Gregory, pope: 12 March or 25 May