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Slatter Son and More


Papers concerning the executorship of the estates of Thomas Southam Burman, of his widow, Ann Cam Burman, and of the latter's daughter by her first marriage, Mary Ann Clayton, and to a legal case to which these gave rise, viz. John Slatter v John Hazelwood Clayton, Ann Catherine Clayton, Bertha Mason and Frank Thackwell Clayton, brought in the High Court of Justice, Probate Divorce and Admiralty Division, 1912. The case concerned the will of Miss Mary Ann Clayton (died 17 August 1910) , daughter of the Reverend John Clayton (died 1 September 1848) and Ann Clayton (nee Thackwell) who, after her husband's death, had married Dr Thomas Southam Burman, late of Bishopton Lodge (died 21 January 1893) and who herself had died on 20 June 1901. The four defendants (children of William Frederick Clayton) were the nieces and nephews of Miss Mary Clayton. The main charge of the defendants was that John Slatter, as Mary Ann Clayton's legal adviser and residuary legatee, had influenced her against them in the preparation of her final will.