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Gift from William Broughton and William Broughton to John Fysher, Alice his wife and John their son of a field with appurtenances in Assho


Gift with warranty from William Broughton' of Coventr' and William Broughton', dobber, of Coventr' to John Fyscher, Alice his wife and John their son of Assho, of one field with appurtenances called Countleye lying in the territory of Assho within the View of Frankpledge of Braundon' between the bridge called Dormonisbregge on one side and the Waste called Hernwast on the other side; to hold the same for ever of the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses: Richard Fyscher, John Charnell', John Derby, (walker) Thomas Aschorne, John Alrych' and others. Dated at Assho, Monday after the Feast of St. Juliana the Virgin, 6 Hen. IV (2 Mar 1404/5). Two tags: seals lost.

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    [02/03/1405], Monday after the Feast of St Juliana the Virgin 6 Henry IV

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