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Demise from Richard Brocok' William Ocham and Roland Damet to Robert Tomkyns of lands in Brynkelowe


Demise from Richard Brocok' of Coventr' chaplain, William Ocham and Roland Damet merchants,to Robert Tomkyns chaplain, of all those lands, tenements, rents, services, meadows, pastures and feedings with their appurtenances in the town and fields of Brynkelowe which they had by the grant and feoffment of John de Toftes and John Manby of Coventr' clerks; to hold the same for the term of his life of the chief lord of the fee with remainder, after the death of the said Robert, to Thomas Marchall' of Coventr' `ferrour' and Richard Porter of Brynkelowe, and the heirs of the said Richard Porter for ever. Witnesses: John Lybard mayor of Coventr', William de Southam and William de Happusford bailiffs of the same, John Onley master of the Guild of the Holy Trinity, St. Mary and St. John the Baptist of Coventr', William Tomson' of Brynkelowe, Henry Morice of the same and others. Dated at Coventr' on Monday next after the feast of St. Laurence the Martyr, 16 Richard II. Tag and seal missing. Endorsed: Scriptum Ricardi Porter de tenements quondam Ricardi Edward in Brincklowe.

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    [12/08/1392], Monday next after the feast of St Laurence the Martyr 16 Richard II

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