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Gift from nicholas de Stutevill' to Stephen de Segrave of mill of Brinkelawe


Gift with warranty from Nicholas de Stutevill' to Stephen de Segrave of the mill of Brinkelawe with its appurtenances saving to him (the said Nicholas) and his heirs water sufficient to maintain fish in his fish pond which he has there and also all rights of fishing in the eel bed for eels and other fish; to hold by service of one pair of gilt spurs at the Feast of All Saints; and should the said Nicholas be unable to warrant the land, then he will give in exchange to the said Stephen land worth 3 marks. Witnesses: William de Stutevill', William de Martiwast, Walter de Besekest, Geoffrey de Costencin, Thomas le Olney, Robert de Stutevill', William Pantof and others. Seal on tag: heatershaped of natural wax. A shield barry of seven. Legend: indecipherable, damaged. Endorsed: i) De molendino de Brinkelawe de dono Nicholai de Stutevill' in com' Warr' [contemp] ii) ii sups;. solut' pro calcar' domino Wake [AG]