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Coundon deeds and papers


Quitclaim with warranty from Richard son of Philip the Arblaster (Balistarii) of Covent' and Agnes, daughter and heiress of Hugh le Breton, his wife, to Master Richard de Philungley of all his claim to 10d. rent and the service of one man for one day in the autumn, which Andrew de Coundulme owes or ought to owe for a certain ploughland without Covent' in Coundulme called Whychewrihite Croft lying between the land which John son of Adam Clerk held on one side and the land which Richard de Cokkisham held on the other; to hold the same of the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses: Robert de Cilton, bailiff of the foreign of the Lord Prior of Covent', Henry called Baker (pistore) bailiff of Covent', John Tole of the same, Geoffrey son of John of the same, Nicholas Blaber of Coundulme, Roger Gobiil of Waburley, Thomas Blake of the same and many others. Two seals on tags i) circular, green. A crossbow between two arrows. Legend: S' RICARDI ARBLAST' (?) ii) pointed oval, green. A quatrefoil. Legend: S' AGNITE BRETVN. Endorsed: i) Wychewrightcroft. ii) Xd. chieff et servyce per j diem. [AG]