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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Geoffrey Goldsmith (Aurifaber) to Hugh de Arras in free marriage with his daughter Alice of 2 shillings rent arising from the land which Robert the wheelwright (Rotarius) held of the grantor outside Smithesford' lying between the land which Geoffrey son of David held and the land which Walter Smith (Faber) held, to hold the same to the said Hugh and Alice and the heirs of their two bodies begotten rendering annually to the said Geoffrey a pair of gloves of the price of 1 halfpenny at Easter. Witnesses: Hugh son of Martin, Swan the Parker (parcario), Richard Meu, William Palmer, Richard de Wigorn', William Fordwin', Mathew son of Gundr', William Livet, Richard Rafwine, Nigel son of Nigel and many others. Seal on tag: green, fragmentary. A fleur-de-lys. Endorsed: i) Teste Willelmo Malyns [AG] ii) ii sups;. extra Smythford [AG]