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Coventry deeds and papers - Lease with warranty


Lease with warranty from Jolinus de Stivechale to John called Albet of Coventr' of a curtilage together with an annual rent in Coventr' in Hulle Strete which curtilage lies between the land of William le Parker and the land formerly of Simon le Bogmonger'; and the said rent is to be received from the land which the heirs of the said Simon le Bogmonger' hold by service of 14 pence and which lies next the curtilage of the said Jolinus;

[T]o hold the same for 10 years rendering annually one clove of gillyflower payable at Easter for all services; and for this the said John gives 7 shillings of silver.

Witnesses: Henry Baker (Pistore), bailiff, Robert de Chilton', Adam Hert, William le Perlur, Richard le Purser and others.
Dated: Michaelmas 15 Edward I.
Tag, seal lost.
Endorsed: i) Warr'. Stivechal ii) Hill strete. xiiii supd;. capitalis redditus [AG] iii) xiiii supd;. redditus [AG]