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Coventry deeds and papers


Right hand indenture of a fine, levied in the court of the liberty of Coventre on Monday the morrow of Holy Trinity 51 Edward III, before John papenham mayor, William Palmer and William Pakstaf', bailiffs, between William Hopkyns of Warrewyk' and Oliver Burdet, plaintiffs, and John Dyere of Bermyngham and Alice his wife, deforciants, of one messuage, 80 acres of land and 10 acres of moorland in Coventre, concerning which there had been a plea in the court at Westminster in Easter term, at which the said mayor and bailiffs had claimed their court. The said John and Alice recognize the said premises to be the right of the said William and Oliver , as by their gift, and for this they give 10 marks. Endorsed: Coundon, Harnel de Coventry, tenentes del mannor et capitalis messuagii; Burdet, Bedford, Fawcon, Dodingsale, Braytoft pour fyle Dodingsale, Bonde, Joynor pour fyle Bonde, Berwes et Barker. Tenentes del medowes, scilicet litle meadowe et Stepingston in Coundon predictum tenent pour service de chevalier. Dorothy Massey, deinceps ?Age. Nota par cest title --- Richard Dier alias Deister et Richard Hampton feoffaverunt Richardum Cox et Johannem Moldriche, antecessores etc. Tempore R 2, ista Aletia una heres Bennet renupta Richardo Darker --- fyne. Oliver Burdets landes in Coventry, Condon and Whaburly for so ye indenture leadeth ye use, quondam Bennetts. Nota continiall feoffments keptye land from wardship [AG]