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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift from Christopher Rice of Coventr' mercer, and Christopher Rice junior, his son, to Arthur Gregory esq., of 6 shillings rent issuing out of a capital messuage formerly belonging to Thomas Braye and Christiana his wife in Le Weste Orcharde in Coventr' commonly called St. Nicholas Hall; to hold the same to Arthur Gregory and Jane his wife and their heirs male as parcel of his manor of Stivechale near Coventr'. Dated: 10 September, 21 Elizabeth. Signed: Crystofor Ryse, per me Christoffer Ryce the younger. 2 seals on tags: circular, red. i) A merchant's mark. ii) The letters R R. Witnesses: Edmund Gregory, Humphrey Glassopp. Endorsed: i) In the grant of Edward the VI to the Corporacion this rent is excepted and reserved to us [AG] ii) Corpus Christi Gild, vi sups;. purchased by William Dawson, 23 Henry 7, recovery thereof on Roll clv. Willelmus Towers nupsit filiam Willelmi Dawson, Christofer Ryce nupsit Elizabeth Towers et habuerunt exitum Christoferem q' sans issue et Ricardum qui feoffavit Edwardum Pulton' [AG]