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Coventry deeds and papers


Feoffment from William Wicame of Coventr' draper, to William Norton', John Foxall', Cuthbert Joynor, Christopher Waren, Thomas Smyth junior, William Jeynyns, John Mordock junior, William Beilie junior and Thomas Ryley of Coventr' drapers, of all those messuages lands rents reversions and services which he had jointly with Richard Prat chaplain, Thomas Bonde, John Haddon', John Divale, Richard Hassall', Thomas Grove, Hugh Dawes and Richard Semynges of Coventr' drapers, deceased, by the feoffment of Richard Foxall' and Richard Baron' of Coventr' drapers, (feoffees to the uses declared in the last will of Thomas Bradmedow formerly of Coventr' draper, deceased) even as by the charter of the said Richard Foxall and Richard Baron dated 30 July, 20 Henry VII appears [no. DR10/399]; to hold of the chief lord of the fee to the uses declared in the last will of the said Thomas Bradmedowe. Appointment of William Smyth and William Towers drapers, as attornies to deliver seisin of the premises. Dated: 1 April, 22 Henry VIII. Signed: per me Wyllyam Wycom Tag and seal lost. Note at foot: Memorandum that the land arrable in Stichall is x acres and xxvii roodes