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Coventry deeds and papers


Feoffment from John Freeman of Thornby, co. Northants., gent., to Edward Hill of the Charterhouse in Coventry, gent., for £15 of a part of a garden or backside in Coventry which formerly belonged to the house of Edward Rogers junior in Gosford Street, now in the tenure of the said John Freeman, being 51 yards long and 12 or 13 yards broad, beginning in length at the end of the backside of George Bohun of London, esq. in the occupation of William Ratton, butcher, on the northwest part, and adjoining the backside of Isaac Fox, clerk, on the east part, and adjoining the lands and backside of Edward Hill on the south and south-east side; which premises were part of a purchase by the said John Freeman from Richard Wightman of Stoake, co. Notts. esq., and Elizabeth his wife, daughter and heiress of Thomas Padget late of Barwell, co. Leics., clerk, deceased, and Robert Cotes of Burbage, co. Leics., clerk, and Mary his wife, daughter of Joseph Chambers late of Coventry, gent., deceased. Signed: John Freeman. Seal of red wax applied on tag: a crowned cinquefoil. Witnesses: Charles Millward, senior, Randle Hamlett (by mark) and Josiah Allen. Endorsed with a demise, dated 27 January 1697/8, from the said John Freeman to the said Edward Hill of the said messuage wherein Edward Rogers dwelt in Gosford Street for a term of 1000 years at the rent of one peppercorn provided that if he the said John Freeman should pay to the Mayor of Coventry a fee farm rent of 13s.4d. issuing partly out of premises granted to the said Edward Hill the said estate hereby granted should cease and determine. Signed: John Freeman. Seal of red wax applied: a three masted ship. Witnesses: Richard Fowler and Thomas Perkins. Also endorsed: Mr. Freemans conveyance to Mr. Hill of the garden in Gosford Street. Dat' 14 Febr. 1693.