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Stivichall deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Henry called the baker (pistor) of Coventr' to Robert de Stok' of 24 selions of land with adjacent meadow and moor with a fish-pond and all other appurtenances in Styvichale next to le Parkmulne which the grantor had by the gift of Sir Geoffrey de Langeley, lying in length from the headland of Thomas de Barwe of Styvichale as far as the highway leading from Coventr' towards Bathekyntone upon the furlong (cultura) called le Parkmulnehul next to the land of Lady Alice de Langeleye, and lying in breadth from the park of Coventr' to the said highway; to hold to the said Robert and his heirs for ever of the chief lord of the fee, paying annually to the said Henry 2 shillings at the four usual terms in Coventr'. Witnesses: Geoffrey de Wetele, Robert Baudewene, Richard de Wylnhale, Robert de Wilnhale, William Parkario de Coventr', John de Langeleye of the same, William Grampe of Coventr', William Pake, William de Archyngworthe of Coventr' and others. Dated at Coventr', Sunday next before the feast of St. Benedict, 26 Edward I Fragment of black seal on tag, device obscure. Legend: --------------PISTO------ Endorsed: i) Stivichal [14th century] ii) episcopi feodum [AG] iii) Duillot Hyll [AG] iv) 26 anno E. primi [AG] v) de domino Galfrido Langly [AG]