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Stivichall deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from John le Eyr of Stivischal' to Adam his son of a messuage in the vill of Stivischal' between the tenement of the bishop and the land of Sir John de Langel'; also one and a half acres of land in the fields of Stivischal'; namely, half an acre upon Carsewelleforlong' next to the headland formerly belonging to William de Barwe, half an acre upon Covsladeforlong' between the land of the church and the land of Geoffrey de Whyteleye, and half an acre upon le Ruyecroft between the land of Sir John de Langel' and the land of William de Leycestr'; to hold to the said Adam and his lawful heirs, rendering annually 4 pence at the four usual terms in Stivischal'; and should the said Adam die without lawful issue, then the said property to revert to the grantor. Witnesses: Geoffrey de ?Whyt', Adam his son, William le Westerne, Thomas de Barwe, Thomas de Merston' and many others. Dated at Stivischal', Saturday on the feast of St. George, 10 Edward II Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) A deyde y supt; provith the college to be the bishops fee [AG] ii) iiij sups; chef rent out of the college college land and cottage [AG] iii) Evydences of the College landes in Stychale held by iiij sups; and i li. comin.[AG]