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Stivichall deeds and papers


Agreement indented recording proceedings at the court of Caludon'. William de Scharneford', Alice his wife, and Emma, daughter of the said William came to the court at Caludon' on the Saturday next before the feast of St. George, 2 Edward III, and took from the lady a messuage and 12 acres of land with appurtenances in Styvechale, (which messuage with seven acres of land John de Bamborgh' once held, and the remaining five acres Thomas the clerk had once held), together with a piece of meadow called Caludon' Heye in Styvechale; to hold for the lives of the said William, Alice and Emma, rendering annually to the lord 13 shillings at the 4 customary terms there, and making suit of court twice a year at the court of Caludon'; and the first payment for the said meadow to begin on the feast of St. John the Baptist, 3 Edward III [24 June, 1329]; and the said lady was to provide the timber for a house to be built on the said messuage at the cost of the said William, and when the house had been built, the said messuage and lands to be kept in good repair for the remainder of the said term; and the said William, Alice and Emma to render heriot when due. Fragment of red seal on tag. Endorsed: i) Warr', Stiveschale [14th century] ii) the first graunt by indenture and not by coppy [AG]