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Stivichall deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from John Harsale of Coventr' to William Dey son of John Dey of Styvechale of a toft with an adjacent croft and three acres of arable land with appurtenances in Styvechale called Daysyland'; which toft and croft lie between a lane called la Hallelane and the land of Richard Huwet in breadth, and extend from the land of the said Richard as far as the land called le Halle orchard'; and the said three acres lie scattered in the field called le Overmyddelfeld'; to hold the same for ever of the chief lord of the fee; all of which land the said John had with other lands in the vills and fields of Coventr', Ruyton' super Dunesmour' and Styvechale by the gift of William son and heir of Robert Ruyton' of Coventr'. Witnesses: John Halom', chaplain of Styvechale, John Clerk' of the same, Richard Huwet, John Dey, John Bydul of the same and many others. Dated at Styvechale, Monday in Easter Week, 4 Henry V. Seal on tag; circular, green. A male head, crowned, bearded, the whole within a cusped border. Legend obscure. Endorsed: i) Carta Johannis Harsale facta Willelmo Dey filio Johannis Dey de Styvechale de quodam tofto cum crofto adiacente vocato le Westurnus et de tribus acris terre arbabilis vocatis Daysyeland' in le Myddulfeld in Styvechale [contemp.] ii) A grant of John Stichall of 2 croftes lying together and 3 acres of arable ground to Will' Day of Stichall Anno regni regis Henrici 5, 4.