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Stoneleigh deeds and papers


(?Kingshill) Deed of agreement indented through the word CIROGRAPHVM, between the Abbot and Convent of Stanl' on the one part and Henry de Chukeberue on the other concerning a plea over half a stone of wax: namely, that the Abbot and Convent in the court of Stanl' have quitclaimed to Henry de Suckebur' and his heirs the said half a stone of wax which he ought to render in any year to Osbert de Suckeber' for a certain tenement which he holds of him in the manor of Stanl'; and for this the said Henry de Sukebur' ought to render yearly to Osbert de Suckeb' or his heirs after him, for the half stone of wax, 12 pence at the four terms in which the rent of the of the town is paid; and the same Osbert or his heirs ought to render the same 12 pence at the said terms for the forenamed half stone of wax to the house of Stanl' yearly for ever. Witnesses: Thomas de Ardena, Thomas his son, John de Stanl', Thomas de Finham and many others. Seal on tag: circular, buff-coloured. A lion rampant. Legend: SIGIL[LUM----]R Endorsed: i) Cyrographum Henrici de Suckebur' [contemp.] ii) Helunhull [AG]