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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Lease from Francis Gregory of Stivichall, esq., to James Harborne of Milborn, gent., and James Roby Harborne of the same, gent., of a messuage or farm house with the following closes belonging to it:
Hill Close (three acres one rood 13 perches),
Well Close (4a 2r 33p),
Harbornes Ground (11a 2r 12p),
Barn Close (3a 3r 24p),
Nixs Meadow (3a 1r 24p),
Barrs Close (11a 1r 26p),
Bridge Close (9a 32p),
Gorse Close (8a 2r 13p),
Mill Meadow (6a 3p),
The Pingle (3a 2r 3p),
Long Meadow (7a 37p),
Alder Close (7a 29p),
Long Close (10a 3p),
The Croft (1a 2r 34p),
The Great Close (12a 1r 19p),
Warrens Close (5a 36p),
Harbornes Meadow (8a 3r 29p),
Little Broom Hill Close (4a 1r 13p),
Great Broom Hill Close (6a 25p),
Camp Close (7a 1r 2p),
Withy Pit Close (7a 2r 10p),
Eight Acre Close (8a 3r 15p),
Thistle Close (5a 1r 9p),
Six Acre Close (6a 3r 26p),
Silver Close (10a 2r 31p) and
Smiths Close (5a 3r 36p);
all which property is situated in Kingshill and is now in the tenure of William Harris, reserving to the said Francis Gregory all the trees growing thereon and the fishing rights therein; to hold the same for 7 years, rendering annually 405 pounds, with additional rents dependent upon the methods of husbandry.

Signed: Francis Gregory, James Harborne, James Roby Harborne
Three red seals applied.
Witnesses: John Carter, James Fletcher