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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Copy of an assignment from Thomas Ashton of Sheldon, gent., at the request of Margaret, late wife and executrix of Edward Marbury, deceased, to John Bott of Fynham in the parish of Stonely, yeoman, of all his interest in the grange or township of Kingshill with all the appurtenances within the said township, reciting that the said lands, amongst others, had been delivered to Edmund Gregory, gent., on the execution of a writ of extent [see no. DR10/1604] upon a statute of 1000 pounds acknowledged by Arthur Gregory, and that they were lately in the tenure of George Marbury, gent., since deceased, by virtue of a lease from the said Arthur Gregorye [no.1229], and were then held by Edward Marbury, brother of the said George, under the same lease, as the executor of the said George: and also reciting that, by indenture of 7 March, 33 Elizabeth [1590/1], the said Edmund Gregorye leased to the said Thomas Ashton and William Hunt, now deceased, all his right in the said lands for the duration of the said extent, rendering to him annually 10 pounds; which lease was intended to be only in trust for the said Edward Marburye or his executors; to hold the said lands to the said John Bott as fully and for the same covenants and considerations as the said Thomas Ashton held them. Signed: Thomas Ashton Witnesses: Thomas Potskin, Nicholas Chambers, David Bull. Endorsed: Mr. Ashton, Mr. Griswoldes coppyes