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Legal cases - Gregory family


Seventeen questions to be put to witnesses on behalf of Jane Gregory, widow, in her suit against Edmund Gregory, gent.: do they know the parties and the property in question; do they know of a statute merchant whereby Arthur Gregory bound himself to Edmund Gregory and others in 1000 pounds; was this statute acknowledged before William Smallwood, mayor of Coventrye; when did the said William Smallwood die and is his signature on the said bond genuine; is it usual for every man who acknowledges a statute to subscribe his name to the same; has the said statute been extended, and, if so, when; what sums of money has the defendant received annually by reason of the said extent; was the said statute meant to be in trust; how did the defendant come by the statute; did the said statute mention three cognizees in trust; was the statute extended whilst the complainant's husband lay in prison and was it extended during the lifetime of any of the cognizees; did the said Arthur Gregorie settle upon the complainant as a jointure the manors of Kingshull and Stivichall and was this settlement signed and sealed; has a search been made for the said statute and, if so, how many years ago was it acknowledged; what waste and ruin has been committed by the defendant on the extended lands.