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Legal cases - Gregory family


Attested copy of the answer of John Rogerson, mayor of Coventrye, and Thomas Fulforde and Humphrey Wightwicke, bailiffs of the same, to the bill of complaint of Arthur Gregorye [no. DR10/1660] that the lands in question were granted by letters patent as stated in the bill of complaint; that a partition of these lands had been made and the farm had been allotted to John Wade; that John Wade, about the third or fourth year of the present reign, conveyed the farm to Henry Over, Richard Over and William Phynis of Coventrye, mercers [no. DR10/1058]; that they conveyed the same to John Tallance [no. DR10/1059], who by his will instructed his executor, Francis Tallance, to pay to the hospital of Bablacke an annual rent of 4 marks issuing from Wrightes farm; that after his death, Francis Tallance concealed the terms of the will and withheld the said rent, that therefore the mayor and bailiffs submitted a bill of complaint against Arthur Gregorye, Francis Tallantes and John Wade, which was answered, and that the case came before Sir Thomas Egerton, knight, the Lord Keeper, who, on 11 October, 39 Elizabeth [no. DR10/1659], ordered that the defendants could make out no claim to the land and that they should deliver up the same to the said mayor and bailiffs; that the alleged conveyance from John Wade to Thomas Gregorye, dated 2 November, 4 and 5 Philip and Mary, is fraudulent, because the said Thomas Gregorye and his son Arthur have never since that date enjoyed possession of the premises. Endorsed: i) Thanswer of Rogerson maior, Thos. Fulford and Humfry Whitwike, bayliffs to y supe; complaint of Arthur Gregory compl [AG] ii) Flechamstede Farme