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Legal cases - Gregory family


Attested copy of a bill of complaint of Edward Forster of Horne, co. Rutland, gent., addressed to Lord Ellesmere, the Lord Chancellor, alleging that Jane Gregorie, widow of Arthur Gregorie, late of Styvechalle, esq., and John Gregorie of Styvechalle, gent., on 16 January, 6 James I [see no. DR10/1237], leased to Edmund Gregorie, brother of the said Arthur, the manor of Kingshall for 21 years, rendering annually after the first three years 20 pounds; that, on 7 April, 9 James I [1611] the said Edmund Gregorie assigned to the said Edward Forster the said manor for five years; that the said manor was part of the jointure of the said Jane Gregorie and had been assured to Sir Humphrey Ferres, brother of the said Jane, in trust for life by indentures made at the time of her marriage in 15 Elizabeth [no. DR10/1217], one part of which, by the death of the said Sir Humphrey, had descended to Sir John Ferres of Tamworthe, knight, and the counterpart, by the death of the said Arthur Gregorie, had descended to the said Jane and John Gregorie; that the said Arthur Gregorie, being indebted to one George Marberie of London by the forfeiture of a bond of 100 pounds to secure the payment of 50 pounds, had, in 24 Elizabeth, leased to the said George Marberie the said manor for 60 years [no. DR10/1229] without the consent of the said Jane Gregorie; that the said Jane Gregorie, on the death of her husband, in 1 James I, entered into the said manor as part of her jointure and leased the same to the said Edmund Gregorie as aforesaid; that the assigns of the said George Marberie, claiming an interest in the said manor by virtue of the said lease for 60 years, have ejected the said Edward Forster from the same, but the said Jane Gregorie, John Gregorie and John Ferres refuse to produce the indentures of 15 Elizabeth which contain evidence of an entail of the said manor which would make void the said lease to the said George Marberie; and this is to undo the said Edmund Gregorie.

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See also the case Chamber v. Gregory, nos. DR10/1667 ff.