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Record of proceedings in court, dated -----xviii Henry VIII, in which John Corbet and Margaret his wife were summoned to answer to a plea of waste brought against them by Richard Hoo and Katherine his wife, John Walsyngham and Anne his wife, Ralph ----- and Elizabeth his wife and Robert Crowe and Jocosa his wife in respect of certain lands and tenements in Alspath' on lease to them for a term of years by the demise of Thomas Butler, esq., father of the said Katherine, Anne, Elizabeth and Jocosa. The plaintiffs alleged that on 16 June, 4 Henry VIII [1512] at Alspath, the said Thomas leased to William Busshop and Margaret his wife, the site of the manor of Alspath, with all its appurtenances, then in the tenure of William Tayllour, together with a grove called Shaftes Sprynge for 31 years; that the said William had died and Margaret had married the said John Corbet; that the said Thomas Butler had died and that the reversion of the said property was now vested in his daughters, the said Catherine, Anne, Elizabeth and Jocosa, and their husbands; that the said John and Margaret had cut down trees (numbers specified) in certain parts of the manor called Annes Jurdens, Bromefeld' Hanchefeld, Cokkeshotfeld', Falke Felde, Parsons Croft, Wellefeld, Grenefeld and Hokke Croft. Endorsed: i) with an inquisition, dated 28 August, 15 Henry VIII [1523] recording that Thomas Butler, on his death, was seised of the manor of Alspathe, and of two messuages, two cottages, two hundred acres of land, forty acres of pasture, ten acres of meadow and two hundred acres of wood in Alspathe and one cottage, eight acres of land and two acres of meadow in Meryden; and that he enfeoffed Edward Belknap, Edward Grevill, William Browne, William Bowghton, William Shelley and Nicholas Ruggeley of the same for the performance of his last will ii) with notices on a case between John Harforde, plaintiff, and Richard Watson and T. Willcockes, defendants, over a debt of 4 pounds, alleged to have been acknowledged on 10 March, 17 Henry VIII [1525/6]