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Miscellaneous Trusts


Settlement on the marriage of Dame Elizabeth Chaplin of Farringdon, co. Berks., widow relict of Sir John Chaplin, late of Tathwell, co. Lincs., to Charles Gregory Wade of Warwick, esq., being a demise in trust from the said Dame Elizabeth Chaplin to Arthur Gregory of Stivichall, esq., and Withrington Morris of St. Mary le Bone, co. Middx., esq., for 10 shillings of all the messuages, farms, lands and tenements, etc., late the estate of Sir John Chaplin in the several parishes of Hallington, Ganthorp, Rathby, Cockrington, Cawthorp, Saltfletby and Wrangle, co. Lincs., now in the several tenures of Samuel White, ----- Hubbard, Ann Dixon, Thomas Dobbs, Mr. Welch, Robert Person, ----- Joynton, William Elles, Richard Robinson, John Rose, ----- Odlin, Robert Smart, ----- Mason, Thomas Kell, John Green, Mary Knight, William Green, Solomon Beatch, William Loft, John Atkin, John Porter, Gervice Scroope, esq., John Slight, ---- Mergeson, Mr. Parkharnes, ---- Hill, Mr. Crook, Robert Chantry, William Thomson, ----- Vamploe, ---- Wainwright and Mr. Atkins; to hold the same to the said Arthur Gregory and Withrington Morris for a term of 99 years, in trust that they will pay to the said Dame Elizabeth Chaplin 100 pounds annually from the profits of the said premises, and that they will pay to the said Charles Gregory Wade, the residue of the said profits; with the proviso that, should the said Charles Gregory Wade pay to the said Dame Elizabeth Chaplin 100 pounds annually, then he would be entitled to the full profits from the said premises. Signed: Elizabeth Chaplin, Charles Gregory Wade, Arthur Gregory, Withrington Morris Four red seals applied. Witnesses: Ann Gregory, Prudence Gregory, William Morris.