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Copy of writ and inquisition concerning damage to King if lands were granted to Robert Abbot of Stonley


Copy of a writ Ad Quod Damnum dated 26 June, 7 Henry VIII directed to the King's Escheators in Warwickshire to enquire what damage would accrue to the King if Edward Belknap, knight, Edward Grevyle, knight, William Shelley, esq., Thomas Glasyer, clerk, Richard Wyllys and Thomas Hogges were permitted to assign to Robert abbot of Stonley a messuage, fifty acres of land, thirty acres of wood and 100 acres of heath in Asshoo, one messuage and half a virgate of land in Kyngeshill and five acres of land in Canley; and also what were the value of such hereditaments and of whom were they held. Also a copy of the Inquisition taken at Warrewyk on 12 August, 7 Henry VIII before Edward Conwey Esq. Escheator and a Jury who swore it would not be to the damage of the King if the lands were so granted, that the lands in Asshoo were held of the said abbey, who held them of the crown in frankalmoign, and that they were of the annual value of 30 shillings; that the lands in Kyngeshull and Canley were similarly held, and were worth respectively 8 shillings and 5 shillings. Endorsed: i) abbas de Stonley, ad quod dampnum ii) With a rough draft of a letter from Thomas Gregory to his son Arthur in London beginning: `Accordyng to your lettere I have sent yow a horse by this beiror Walford with sadle and brydell willyng yow that he may be well used.' He asks Arthur to speak with his aunt Penyfather about her son John. His greatest wish is that Arthur should be `placed in the Temple and that also ye hadd a wiff with whome ye myght have somewhat to sustayne yow.' Though in debt, he is willing to sell what he conveniently can, and if Arthur agrees to the sale of Asfordeby, he would prefer that `rather then the tyme past bestowed in studie should be now lost.' [c. 1565]

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    Copy c. 1565 of 26/06/1515-12/08/1515 documents

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