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Kenilworth lands


Mortgage by Thomas Heath, Kenilworth, butcher, to Martha Ingram, Southam, widow for £100 of messuage formerly used as an inn by the sign of the George but now divided into three in occupations Thomas Heath, Thomas Baxter and John Hues; orchard and backside appurtenant to messuage (1 1/2 acres): part of the New Field (9 acres) abutted NW by road from Knowle Hill Gravel Pit over the New Field, on NE by lands Richard Hinley, on E by Liberties of Ashow and SW by lands of Francis Wigley, esq. which was allotted in lieu of three acres in common fields at enclosure. Enclosed are bond of even date to perform covenants and abstract of fine, Michaelmas 30 George II.