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Knight of Barrells


Agreement between Robert Knight of Barrels esq. and Edward Cooper of Henley-in-Arden for lease to the latter of a farmhouse and buildings, lands and premises in Henley-in-Arden in Wootton Wawen, consisting of 6 closes of meadow and pasture containing together 42a. 3r. 18p., to hold from March 25th last past for one year and thereafter from year to year at six months' notice, paying £80 per annum, also the composition for tithes to the Rev. John Ellis, all rates and other payments which may be imposed on the allotment gardens in Henley called Wad close and Dockey close, and chief rent to the lords of the manor. Signed by the parties. Witness: Bolton King. Plan inscribed. Many of the printed husbandry clauses deleted. Endorsed: Agreement... for part of Henley farm late Lowe's, and Tenter closes... Hugh Corbett paid for these closes per ann[um] £129, reduced to £80 per ann[um] to Mr. Cooper. [Balance] £49. Printed form completed in manuscript.