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Knight of Barrells


Account of John Lane solr. to the Rev. H.C. Knight, Malvern, for professional services between 30 April 1869 and 12 April 1870 in the causes Andrews v. Knight and Knight v. Andrews. Refers to meeting his (H.C. Knight's) agent Mr. Dormer and advising him in regard to disputes which had arisen between Mr. Andrews as outgoing tenant of a farm at Ullenhall and him (H.C. Knight) as landlord. Messrs. Jones Son [?Alcester] solicitors for Andrews. John Lane advised Mr. Endall (H.C. Knight's valuer) to tender £60 to Andrews, which he did, but it was refused. Arbitration was discussed, and writs served. Mentions question of obtaining evidence of Mr. Bromwich a surveyor in support of Mr. Endall's evidence. Mr. Bromwich of Wolston made a survey and valuation of the property. Mentions attending Mr. Day at Temple and elsewhere. Brief to Mr. Day. Mentions journey to Henley and taking the several examinations of Thomas Franklin, William Dutton, Edwin Dormer, James Baker, W. Endall and William Thomas Endall as to facts they could depose to. Paid £60 into court. Paid fees to Mr. Field Q.C. and to Mr. Leigh. Briefs to both of them. Journey to Warwick to attend court. Consultation with Andrews' attorney. Agreed that both actions should be referred to Mr. Frederick Pridmore of Wyken House on usual terms. Mr. Pridmore accepted reference. Arrangements made for him to view farm with Mr. Endall and Mr. Cotton. Copy of Mr. Cotton's valuation supplied to the referee. Messrs. Dewes Son solrs., Coventry, instructed by referee to draw up award. Award received and acknowledged, 14 December 1869. Agents attending Messrs. Gregory Co. (Andrews' agents). Attending Taxing Master's office in London as to taxing of costs. Total due to John Lane: £210.13s.5d. Endorsed: Lane. Paid.