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Knight of Barrells


Declaration by William Walter Fuller of Moorgate Street in the city of London esq. that he knew and had been well acquainted for the past 30 years with Charles Raleigh Knight of 36 Montagu Square co. Middx. esq. and that he was the same person as was mentioned in the baptismal certificate (A) annexed; that he was the eldest surviving son of the late Henry Raleigh Knight by Juliana his wife, who were the persons mentioned in the certificate (B) annexed; and that the said H.R. Knight was the same person as was named in the will of Robert earl of Catherlough dated 11 February 1772, which said Henry Raleigh Knight was therein called by mistake Henry Ralegh Knight. Signed: William Walter Fuller. Declared at the Mansion House in the city of London, 16 July 1856, before John Humphrey, alderman. Endorsed as being certificate (C) referred to in the declaration of Juliana Knight and C.R. Knight made before him on 29 October 1856. Signed: W.F. Beadon.