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Legal cases - Gregory family


Attested copy of an order in Chancery in the case between Edward Marbery, plaintiff, and Arthur Gregory and Edmund Gregory, defendants. Whereas the said Arthur has lately leased the village of Kingeshull to George Marbery, and whereas the said Edmund Gregory has since extended a statute of 1000 pounds, acknowledged by the said Arthur some 25 years before, upon the said premises, and whereas the said Edmund answered the plaintiff's bill and obtained an order that the plaintiff should pay the rent for the premises to him until further notice [no. DR10/1607], and whereas, notwithstanding this, the said Arthur, although he committed contempt by not answering the plaintiff's bill, has continued to demand the said rent for himself and threatens to take legal action for non-payment, it is now ordered that the said Arthur shall no longer demand the said rent, nor seek to impeach the plaintiff's lease, until he has appeared in court and answered the plaintiff's said bill of complaint. Dated: 13 April, 33 Elizabeth