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Bond from Thomas Allott of Southeray, Lincolnshire, gentleman, to Robert Philipps of Wispington, gentleman, in the penal sum of £160 for the execution of a conveyance from John Allott, son of the said Thomas Allott, when he comes of age to Thomas, son of Stephen Philipps, of Thapferme in Orby, Lincolnshire, being 18 acres of land called Larko-lands, lately in the tenure of the said Robert Philipps; so that the said John Allott for the levying of a fine or recovery of the said lands be not compelled to leave the county or the city of Lincoln, nor to warrant any part thereof further than against himself and his heirs and all persons lawfully claiming from Robert Allott, grandfather of the said John, and against the Queen's Majesty only; for, touching the recusancy of the said Thomas Allott, if the said John Allott refuses to make the said conveyance or should die before the said conveyance be had, then if the said John Allott pay the said Robert Philipps £90 this bond shall be declared void.