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Agreement and quitclaim between Richard [de Herthull] and Alicia de Dadeleye and John de Fynburgh concerning property in Bathekynton and Stonleye


Agreement between Richard [de Herthull, knight] of the one part and Alicia de Dadeleye of Stonleye and John de Fynburgh' of Bathekynton of the other, witnessing that if the said Alice and John pay annually to the said Richard 8 marks for a mill with two pieces of pasture called les Hommes which the said Richard will lease to them for 18 years, and if they maintain the property at their own expense, then a grant from the said Alice to the said Richard of all her lands etc., in Bathekynton and Stonleye, and a quitclaim from the said John to the said Richard of his right in --- shall be void. Witnesses: Richard de Leycestr' [?Thomas othe Heth of Bathekynton', Thomas Eyres] of Bathekynton' and others. Dated at Bathekynton', Sunday next after ---, 41 Edward III. Seals. i) tag only, seal lost; ii) a pointed oval, red. A head. Endorsed: mylne [AG]

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    [24/10/1367], Sunday next after ---, 41 Edward III

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