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Draft printed Act to inclose the common-field of Lighthorne, and a common called Lighthorne Musters, in the county of Warwick, revised in Manuscript, with additions. Lighthorne Musters is corrected to read Lighthorne Heath and 2 meadows called Lighthorne Common Meadows. The names of the commissioners are inserted as follows: William Peyto of Chesterton, John Newsham of Chadshuntt and Charles Bentley of Little Kington esquires, Humphrey Whyle of Wellesbourne, and a John Rogers of Fenny Compton clerks, William Goodwin of Arlescote, Thomas Webbs of Sherborne and Thomas Townsend of Alveston gentlemen, Thomas Hunt of Moreton Morrell and William Clark of Walton yeomen, all of the county of Warwick John Brown of Footherley in Shenstone co. Staffs. gent. and Thomas Taylor of Armscote in Tredington co. Worcs. gent. or any five of them. The prospective date of allotment is inserted as 23 October 1721. 2 ff. fo.