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Deed of sale by Audryan Quynye of Stratford upon Avon, mercer, to Richard Godwyn, of the same, smith, for 40 marks, of a tenement and garden in Stratford, in `the Brydge strete' between the tenement of John Sadler `called the Beare' on the east and the tenement of the heirs of Henry Sambwell on the west, which tenement and garden Richard Quynye, deceased, father of the vendor, had from Robert Hopper of Walton, husbandman, by grant dated 6 September 1541. Dated 28 June 9 Elizabeth [1567]. Signed `by me Adryan Quynee', with seal `A.Q'. Witnesses: Robert Salesburye, Henry Warde and James Hilman, `this writer'. Endorsed in a later hand `Old Red Lion Inn'